Gods of Men, by Joseph Pignataro

All the prophecies were right – the world as we know it comes to an end in 2012 with the arrival of the prophesized Wormwood comet that explodes in the atmosphere. The entire adult population of the planet quickly transforms into Wraiths, grotesque former humans out to devour uninfected humans. Please, leave a “like” and a good review, so more free installments may come! “Great addition to my Walking Dead addiction.” ~ Zombielover29 “Pignataro and Smith have made a fan out of me. I’ve never been much of a comic, or graphic novel enthusiast, but I am now. I highly recommend Gods of Men to those who want to add graphic novels to their Kindle library.” ~ The Kindle Book Review ABOUT GODS OF MEN: #1 Amazon Best Selling Graphic Novel in Horror and Science Fiction.