GNUPG: High Level Cryptography, by The Golden Keys Team

Do you use a popular e-mail address such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo? Then this book is for you because right now YOU ARE AT RISK! Your communications are vulnerable. Your security is compromised and you have ABSOLUTELY NO PRIVACY!
Here are the top 10 mistakes people make when using e-mail:
1 – I use a popular e-mail provider 2 – I think only the recipients can read my messages 3 – When I empty the trash bin I believe my messages were erased forever 4 – I think it is great that my e-mail account is free 5 – I own my own messages, they are mine 6 – I think cryptography is unnecessary 7 – I don’t care about what the NSA is doing 8 – I think my messages are safe 9 – I trust my e-mail provider 10 – I believe I have privacy online
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