Glories of Yog, by Shri Paramhans Swami Adgadanandji

There has been lot of confusion regarding Pranayam. Misleading facts and half- backed Truth about it have been advanced by theroreticians. So the devotees once requested Maharaj Shree to remove the cobwebs of wrong notions and throw light on the true nature of Pranayam. Mahraj Shree was kind enough to speak on this subject and make a thread – bare analysis of it for the benefit and welfare of the devotees. The talk was delivered in Hindi. The English rendering of it is presented to the World wide circulation. We are confident that a closed understanding of the facts revealed by the reverend Swami Adgadanand Ji Mahraj would help the devotees to move on the right track of spirituality and self realization. Mahraj Shree would be highly pleased if unresovled doubts in this regard are forwarde