Global Warming: Essays and Poems for the Spirit, by Alan Steinle


The essays in this book include: “Global Warming” (about the emotional state of those on the earth), “Earth’s Final Exam” (about faith and the future), “The Joy of Surfing and the Danger of Flatlining” (about dealing with changes), “Selfishness: Cause, Consequence, and Cure” (about acting unselfishly in an egocentric world), and “Love, and Do What You Like” (about cultivating love for all). The poems include: “Your Salvation Is Not Far” (about mistakes and forgiveness), “In This Human Frame” (about being in the body), “Other People” (about the heaven and hell of relationships), “The Mirror” (about self-perception), and “Isaiah in Verse” (a poetic translation of part of the book of Isaiah).