For Authors: Self-Editing Checklist & 45 Promo Prizes, No Mailing Required, by D. R. Humphrey

Self-Editing Guide: A collection of the best self-editing tips broken down into 4 easy-to-follow steps, designed to find and fix your bad writing habits. Covered in this guide: Misused Words, Overused Words, Style sheet/checking for inconsistencies, Paragraph length, Is your voice appropriate for your audience? Does it remain consistent and in the same POV (point of view)?, Eliminate repetition and wordiness, Spelling, Getting rid of clichés, Dialogue, Does the theme, plot or topic begin right away, and does it stay on course?, Comma overuse, Show vs tell …..
This book also includes, Author Marketing Tips, 45 PROMO & PRIZES You Don’t Have to Mail. Perfect for self-published authors promoting books on a budget.