Find Your Passion In Life, by Remy Chausse

Find Your Passion In Life –
How to Get UNstuck, Find Your Purpose, and Start Living Life As An Exclamation Point!
In FIND YOUR PASSION IN LIFE, bestselling author Remy Chausse “peels back the pretty” on how you lose your creative abilities and get stuck in the first place. Then she shows you how to find your passion and your top values in life so that you have a guiding light for every decision you’ll be asked to make on life’s journey.
With all this juicy information, you’ll be ready to dig in and find your smart and sexy true life’s purpose! You’ll learn the unapologetic truth of how to align with your soul’s purpose, and why every crossroads in life is asking you to step up your game. And you’ll finally, once and for all, know how to tell if you’re on the r…