Feminology: Woman Abuse, by Bassam Imam

Feminology: Woman Abuse discusses the various types of abuses of women and girls, spanning from rape, physical abuse, mental abuse and intimidation, signs of abuse, general characteristics of abusive partners, harrasment, stalking, restraining orders, fleeing abusive partners, women’s shelters, murder, mutilation, female and general infanticide, female genital mutilation, gender selective abortion, date-rape drugs, date rape on campus, honor killings, forced marriages and abuse in lesbian relationships.
My eBook also discusses rape during wartime, pornography and the porn industry (also including testimonials about the abusive nature of this industry and AIDS), prostitution (various types), trafficking in women prostitutes, personal security, defensive and precautionary measures to take while travelling or just to be on the safe side 24-7 .
Self-abuse through drugs, anorexia and bolemia and self-cutting are big problems. I have also discussed them in my eBook.
The final section of my eBook discusses child abuse. Although the section is shorter than woman abuse, there’s still much to be learned.
Topics of child abuse included but are not limited to abuse in the family (physical, sexual, mental), child killing, child molesters, beggars, pickpockets, children who kill, child soldiers, child trafficking shaken baby syndrome and signs of child abuse.
My eBook contains 2 Table of Contents; the first on the first page and the second following the main body of the book.
Thereafter, you’ll find 2 sections containing important and relevant URLs and Websites that will help you acquire deeper knowledge into the subject matter.
My eBook is relatively easy to read. I felt that this was the best way to convey my message.