Fader (Act I), by Rye-n

Screenplay: It’s 2045 and we’ve come a long way. The unexpected Gamma Burst of Alpha Centauri changed our world forever. There was just one problem: We lived. It has been the understanding of everyone that in the event of a Gamma Burst, the extent of radiation emitted from the burst would be enough to decimate Earth. The electro-magnetic radiation emitted from the Gamma Burst appeared to have somewhat of an unlocking effect with regard to the susceptible ones, thus awakening inner affinities that seemed to lie dormant somehow waiting to be triggered. Many were endowed with special powers. Equally impressive, animals of various species-just like humans-were well equipped with special abilities as well. That ignited the international robot arms race. Or was it more like the robot arms blitz? Download this FREE e-Book, and determine the answer to that question today!