Endless Journey Beyond, by Romeo Maskey


This is a collection of poems, poems which made their way up to the author’s psyche, stirring his emotions to delve deeper into barren territory where opportunities to be fascinated and in turn be inspired, thence taking the author to countless journeys in abstraction and in reality. These are the poems that unraveled his inner conscience, the one stuck in the purgatory of ego and super ego, as he strode forward unrelenting about his past and the present that owes him so much. The destiny previously unseen and never witnessed for him was finally started baring itself and he started swaying to a fanciful world of his own, taking him away from, yet sitting in front waiting for the poet to confront reality. This is the collection of so many of those bitter experiences and good experiences which made him realize that life always balances out everything in life, from happiness, to sadness, from hardship to success, and from goodness to evil sins. Everything has a way of finding itself…