Cowardly Frank, by Rufus Offor

“Awesome book, highly entertaining!”
Frank lives with his slightly unhinged Mum. She is convinced that the world is full of things that are out to get her, like tree dangling hippos, fence pixies, marauding ninjas and thousands of other terrible sounding creatures. Frank has been listening to her rant for so long that his head has gotten all swollen and his eyes bulgy and he’s more of a coward than any other boy alive.One day a tall dark looming man stops him on the way back from the shops and scares him half to death, starting a terrifying series of events that have him meeting ghosts, gnomes, vampires and the most horrible creatures ever to walk the Earth… The Bindlebaums. How will his big head handle the adventure? Will it pop? Will he save his friend from the hellish mountain of the Bindlebaums??
WARNING: I am a writer, a pretty decent one, but an editor I am not. So, if you’d be so kind, please over look any minor typing hiccups. Thank you.