Conversations With A Pedophile: In the Interest of Our Children

Amy Hammel-Zabin

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How does the mind of a pedophile work? How does a pedophile lay the groundwork that lures children into his web and succeed in abusing them to satisfy his own sick needs?

As a therapist in the prison where sex offender “Alan” (not his real name) was incarcerated, Dr. Amy Hammel-Zabin had unparalleled access to the uncensored voice of a pedophile who sexually abused more than a thousand boys. Presented are a series of letters spanning more than a decade written by “Alan”, wherein he describes how his victims were selected and preyed upon by gradually creating a relationship with these children who would eventually be violated.

Conversations With a Pedophile is a landmark book. As both a trained therapist and a victim of childhood sexual abuse herself, Dr. Hammel-Zabin is uniquely qualified to articulate the development, maintenance and sorrowful impacts of pedophilia. It is in the interest of our children that we listen so that we can better protect them from this horrendous crime in the future.