Clean Eating For The Modern Family: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Healthy Eating

Lisa Patrick

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“Clean Eating For The Modern Family” gives the reader an insight into a not so new method of keeping the body healthy. For years persons have been searching for the right solution to solve their dietary problems when the solution has been around for numerous years. In order to be as healthy as possible, healthy, nutrient rich foods have to be consumed. That is what clean eating is about. It is about eating foods that contain no pesticides or any other chemicals that are not naturally found in the food item. Everyone is always on the go and this is what poses a problem for most families as they tend to spend a lot of time working, going to school and doing other activities so when the time comes to eat they usually take the quick way out and have some fast food some other food that is not “clean.” The author, through this text aims to get more persons to learn the benefits of eating clean.