Chez Max

Jakob Arjouni

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Language: English

The setting is the year 2064. Securely fenced off from the rest of the world, life in Euroasia and North America is constantly improving, except for the occasional suicide bombing and border dispute. On the other side of the wall however, people live in poverty and misery and countries are exploited and wracked by regression, dictatorship, and religious fanaticism. Max Schwartzwald is the owner of Chez Max, a smart Parisian restaurant but also an Ashcroft agent, a member of a secret government organisation whose mission is to promptly identify and weed out anything that may threaten the political status quo. Schwartzwald’s biggest problem is his Ashcroft partner, Chen Wu,a self-righteous loudmouth, who leaves no taboo unbroken, attacks every human weakness and takes liberties at will – all because of the spectacular successes he has achieved within the organisation. But is Chen a double agent who is bringing illegal immigrants into the Euroasian world and is this the opportunity for Max to get rid of his partner once and for all?