Chemicaust: A Short Story in the Mad Element Saga, by Daniel T. Moore


What might men do with unlimited power? And what might they allow to be done? Chem, the Mad Element: a blessing and a curse, with as many names as shades and hues. The liquor of the Gods, Blessing of the Benefactor, Michael’s Blood, all these refer to the same element, a chemical which pollutes the world, fills the skies. An aurora borealis of gasses and choking fumes, the Mad Element prolongs life, grants power unimaginable, and twists man and nature. It is corruption in a vial, or the key to life. Chemicaust is the story of a soldier, brainwashed but well fed and well looked after by the corps. This man, Luke, is set a mission to retrieve a person of interest, a person with no little power. His mission ends in disaster, a great chemical explosion fuelled by the Mad Element and Lu…