Cancer Is My Name, by Renee Robinson

I received a one-way ticket from Hell: “Congratulations. You have colon cancer” …..stop…..breath…..colon cancer?
“Please watch your step and enjoy your stay”. ….what?…..breathe, remember to breathe…..
As I read the words over again, I was transported into another world. A demon named Caner has dragged me into his lair. I am surrounded by death, misery and despair. I am chained inside his chamber. Desperately, I look all around. I am trying to find Inspiration.
“Please, come. I am here”, I shout out.
As I prayed the shadows lifted. The chains are broken. Though Cancer continues to lurk nearby, I am free! I spread my wings, the chains break-away. I arise. I arise. I arise!
Today, I am Okay. Today, I will be alright. What will tomorrow bring?