Budget Friendly, DIY, Homemade Christmas Gifts, by D. R. Humphrey


Budget friendly gifts that fit inside greeting cards, for men, women, teen boys, teen girls, boys, girls, babies, couples, co-workers and pets … no crafting expertise required! Greeting Card Sized Gift Ideas for Hobbies and Special Interests- Golfers, Writers/Book Lovers, Fishermen/Women, Animal Lovers & Bird Watchers, Travelers and Fliers, Antiques & Vintage, Scrapbookers & Crafters, Knitting/Sewing and Crochet Fans, Campers/Fans of the Outdoors, Train Enthusiasts, Athletes & Sports Fans, Tea and Coffee Drinkers, Bakers & Cooks, Music & Art Lovers, Gadget & Tech fans!
This book also contains a special DIY/Budget Friendly gift guide just for men and boys! Includes $0.00 Gifts, DIY Gifts, Discount and Dollar Store Makeovers, Thrift Store Finds and more…