Beauty Detox: The Guide To Transforming The Body: Eat Healthy to Look Healthy

Lisa Patrick

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“Beauty Detox: The Guide To Transforming The Body” is a text that is written by an author that has gone through the experience herself. Many persons place a great emphasis on outer beauty but what this author has opted to do is to ensure that the primary focus is placed on having a beautiful (healthy) inner body. In order for one to be healthy and exude beauty, the fresh looking skin and brilliant eyes, the body has to be functioning properly. This text helps persons t o learn what it is that they have to do to detox the body and get it back to an optimal state of health. This book serves as a great resource text for those that are interested in the process of health and wellness. Of course, some of the things that occur will be a bit challenging but it takes a lot of dedication to get through the process.