Basics of Concrete Science, by Professor L. Dvorkin, Professor O. Dvorkin

There are enlightened basic aspects of scientific concrete science. Included in this FREE, ready for download eBook is a summary on modern ideas having to do with the hardening and structure-forming aspects of cement stone and concrete, the rheological and technological properties of concrete mixtures; and the strength, strain, and other properties that determine concrete operation, reliability, and durability. The basic types of normal weight cement concrete, lightweight, and cellular and cellular concrete, non-cement mineral binders concrete, and mortars are discussed. FREE, and ready for download now!
You can download only a brief version of our book “BASICS OF CONCRETE SCIENCE”. The full book was published in Sankt-Petersburg, Russia (correspondingly in Russian language). The full size of the book is about 689 pages. Now we are looking for persons who would translate the full text of our book “BASICS OF CONCRETE SCIENCE” into English and took part in co-authorship.