Autobiography Of An Yogini by Mamta Kulkarni Man From Mountains Gagangiri Maharaj Who Raised Dead, by Mamta kulkarni

Autobiography of an Yogini by a Bollywood Celebrity turned Ascetic is an dedication of an devotee, a student to her Master, a Guru,who has transformed an celebrity to an ascetic.MAN FROM MOUNTAINS,This Seer who came from Himalayas,Mountains for human evolution to dwell amongst everyday,ordinary,day to day family people and poor villagers has also managed to transform a celebrity devotee to an spiritual seeker.this seer banished my many births of darkness and crowned me jewel called as ‘ENLIGHTENMENT” this book is an eye-opener to many ignorance,”God’ is, has,always been one even in Hinduism some misunderstood have twisted it as per their ignorance and intelligence.Please read this book and attain instant realize state of mind.World is coming to end sooner than we or our doctrines essayed.