Apprentice Adults

George Richards

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Apprentice Adults is a flippant, irreverent, quick moving read that reflects the teenage mood of the day. George Richards, a teenager himself in the fab fifties, addresses the universal causes of teenage angst – their identity crisis, sexual experimentation, drugs and alcohol, the suppressed shame of sexual assault. Today’s teen readers may be surprised to learn that the problems they face are so similar to those their oldies did in the fab fifties and sexational sixties.No mod cons back then though – no mobiles, no iPods or iPads, no social media – how did they communicate their problems to each other? By some sort of secret language? By gathering at the milk bar? By running away? And what about the characters? The scholarly nerd, the tradesmen-to-be, the office girls, all of whom strive to find an identity or their place in a grown-up society.Apprentice Adults is a good read for teens and used-to-be teens, and those who reckon today’s teens can handle it all in their strides, or whatever!