An Immortal Soul or an Immortal Spirit–Are Both Immortal?, by William West

Download this FREE e-Book for a discussion on: The first four times that the word, soul, is used in Genesis 1, it refers to animals and not people. The word, soul, is used in the same verse, and refers to both animals and people. If a soul can die, it cannot be immortal. The soul can die, or is already dead in over 320 passages in the Old Testament. Soul or spirit? Which one is immortal? The soul and “eating of blood.” What is a man? Is a person born with an immortal soul, or do the saved ones put on immortality at the Resurrection? Is a person a three-part being, an animal body with both a soul and a spirit that will live without the body? That is one of the most important questions of all time. Its influence on our conception of our nature, our view of life in this world, and life after death. Download this FREE e-Book today!