Alpha and Omega, by Francis Wolfe


Written from a Catholic viewpoint; examines in novel form the human spiritual growth of Jesus, alongside his divine nature. Like Job, Jesus undergoes trials to perfect his human faith. Calamity hits, and Jesus ends up working off his debt as a caravan camel herder. He uses the time to perfect his soul, which is the only thing remaining. Honor, wealth, future have all be stripped from him. Jesus even looses his foster son. After five years as a caravan worker, Jesus enters an Essene monastery (they really existed). His mission in Galilee is just his domestic Essene mission, with one new bit of doctrine…the Messiah is now in Israel, and it is he! You know the rest of the story, but not like this…New miracles, new parables, new wilderness trials. All doctrinally correct, but more, so to speak. The book has an exceptionally moving Garden of Gethsemane scene. Also available in print paperback, ISBN 1482513552Read more:…