Agent with a History, #1, by Guy Stanton III

Its been one long day for Lisa and her headache is living proof of it. Most of it she blamed on the full moon outside. Things always got crazy this time of the month, but this month was exceptional. She needed sleep bad and only hoped the nightmares that haunted her would leave her alone for at least one night. They dont. She wakes up as usual screaming only to find out that her nightmare has just begun, because shes not alone in her room. An entire police precinct has been reconstructed down to the smallest detail in an abandoned warehouse and a mysterious stranger known only as Flint seems to be the cause of it all. Its a case that is fast turning into one big headache for Lisa Tauranto a detective for the NYPD, but it gets much worse when her past, that shes tried so hard to bury, rises up to engulf her in its golden grip once again. Its a fight to survive and to protect what she is sworn to, but will love conquer all?