A Warrior’s Journey, by Guy Stanton III

Its been over twenty years since the fateful day that the might of the Zoarinian Empires great army was destroyed in Valley Lands. Since then it has been a time of peace and prosperity under the guidance of Roric Talont.
Another war coming to the Valley Lands? A dark war not able to be won by the sword alone? The past two years have been uneasy ones for Roric. Rumors of a dark cult and its increasing influence have been spreading throughout the Southern Settlements. Roric fears that its only a matter of time before it invades the Valley Lands with its darkness of belief.
Will the people resist its dark influence? A war has begun in which a sword might not even be raised to win the hearts of the people. How does one fight an idea that has the backing of a dark leader that endows his followers with powers that terrify the soul? How can Roric inspire faith in the people, when the people don’t have the leadership they need.