A Student Guide to Object-Oriented Development

Carol Britton and Jill Doake

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Language: English

This is an introductory text that follows the software development process, from requirements capture to implementation, using an object-oriented approach. The book uses object-oriented techniques to present a practical viewpoint on developing software, providing the reader with a basic understanding of object-oriented concepts by developing the subject in an uncomplicated and easy-to-follow manner. It outlines standard object-oriented modelling techniques and illustrates them with a variety of examples and exercises, using UML as the modelling language and Java as the language of implementation. The book is based on a main worked case study for teaching purposes, plus others with password-protected answers on the web for use in coursework or exams.

* Adopts a simple, step by step approach to object-oriented development

* Includes case studies, examples, and exercises with solutions to consolidate learning

* Benefit from the authors’ years of teaching experience