A Load Schedule for the Assembly Production of Specified Orders Relative to a Plant’s Capacity, by Miltiadis A. Boboulos

In the case study presented in this FREE, ready for download eBook, the implementation of a load production schedule for fed assemblies has been related to available plant capacity in order to be evaluated through analysis and synthesis stages. Initially, preliminary data breakdowns, structural, and quantitative interrelations between the product and its components have been performed. Product visualization by exploded view presentation has been worked out. Sequentially, estimation and analysis of delivery times, manufacturing, and assembly of raw materials, component parts, and products, along with the required quantities have been estimated. Determination of the Critical Path Component through initial imitation synthesis followed with the Critical Path Analysis. A preliminary schedule drawn up has been moreover achieved for a simplified set of conditions with the Forward Loading technique. Secondary Loading on the available free facilities with the Backward Loading technique has been carried out for the production of the remaining component parts. Based on the output schedule and inventory data, high-risk area determination, and suggestions on suitable measures from the production manager’s viewpoint were developed, together with redesign and optimization of the final area version.