A Conspiracy to Selectively Withhold Science Information, by P.S.J. Schutte

Please read criticism of Symeof. If you are not prepared for the shock awaiting you about the conspiracy in science, do not download. It will be as big a shock as it is to Symeof. You will as he did realise that so many years of study has gone wasted because what you learned was one big hoax, covered by the mother conspiracy in science but don’t kill the messenger. There is the mother conspiracy, which I expose. If you are unprepared for the shock then reading this book will be more harmful than never knowing the truth. To find all your professional knowledge came to nothing must be unbearable and insufferable. The mother conspiracy is in place but you decide if you wish to know about it or not, the choice are yours to make. What you are going to read is the mother of all the conspiracies in science, which is about how science applies mind control by processing thought control. Every conspiracy ever linked to science is in place to protect that conspiracy from becoming known. I prove that there is a mother conspiracy in place. The mother conspiracy is in place so that students are brainwashed through the instigation of mind control through enforcing the acceptance of dogma on students. I also introduce a new cosmic vision with the entirety called the Universe, which is formed by singularly taking on every shape, and space that we know. FREE, and ready for download now!