A Brief Guide to Understand Everything, by Max Mische

Virtually everything in the universe can be understood by a few basic principles. These basic principles act as mental constructs that enable people to simplify the complexity of the world, enabling a better overall understanding of it. Due to the limitations of the human brain which is unable to perceive much more than a handful of things at any given moment this simplification is absolutely necessary. There are far too many components in the modern world for any person at any given moment to know everything that is going on around them.
In this book, you’ll learn three universal principles that exist everywhere- from the human body and the stock market, to the solar system and atoms. These principles are:
-Systems -Duality -Cycles
Additionally, you’ll learn about the barriers that prevent one from fully obtaining the maximum benefits derived from these principles. As long as one is aware of these barriers, they can actually enhance ones overall understanding of th…