455 Leadership Quotes: Lessons From 2012’s Top Christian Conference Speakers, by Brian Dodd


As a member of Injoy Stewardship Solutions, I attend a number of popular Christian conferences. No one can take in all that God is doing. I don’t have to tell you that He is simply too big, too awesome, too powerful for anyone to take it all in. Our finite minds simply lack the capacity for the size and scope needed to understand such things. However, I have tried to be a good steward of what He has revealed in my life. That act of stewardship has been made available for you in this eBook. The following pages contain 455 quotes from 10 conferences featuring over 20 of the world’s most effective Christians leaders. The names read like a Who’s Who of Christian leadership – Chan, Stanley, Hybels, Giglio, Noble, Ortberg, and Groeschel just to name a few.