Secret Salsa Recipes, by Andy LaPointe
If you’re looking for great tasting salsa recipes, you can make at home you can’t afford to miss this book. It’s packed full of recipes [...]
The Light in the Darkness, by Willem
This book is fiction and show the role demons played in the Old Testament in an effort to destroy the nation of Israel. It start way back in the beginning [...]
Artifact and the Princess, by R. D. Ray
Just when she thought things were going to be better….then she ends up stealing a powerful artifact, and then things really turn upside down in [...]
Life Is a Dream, by Pedro Calderon de la Barca
This play by Spanish playwright, Pedro Calderon de la Baca aims to teach the religious and philosophical thought that the world that we know through our [...]
Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows, by Dan Auito
A FREE, ready for download eBook that includes a tutorial on how to sell any home for top dollar on your own. Download it now!
Tales from The Bear and Lion, by S. M. White
A collection of Fantasy short stories. Follow the birth of a monster in “Jar of Hearts.” Listen and watch as a poet pines for a lost daughter [...]
Spanish Tales for Beginners (Cuentos en Español para Principiantes), by Dr. (Elijah Clarence) Hills
Este libro electrónico gratis contiene una colección de cuentos y poesías interesantes y fáciles para leer que reflejan la vida [...]
37 Killer AdWords–Pay-Per-Click Secrets Exposed, by Roger C. Hall
By Roger C. Hall–Certified Google AdWords Professional. In this free eBook, the author reveals secrets that will enable you to discover more Google [...]
Parma Endorion: Essays on Middle-earth, by Michael Martinez
Tolkien researcher Michael Martinez shares his knowledge and insights into Tolkien’s Middle-earth. The award-winning Parma Endorion Web site has been [...]
26 Self Improvement Thoughts, by Ryan D Neely
Are you ready for some changes in your life that will benefit you for eterinity? If so, “26 Self Improvement Thoughts” is the ebook for you! In [...]
The diary of nobody’s animals Vol. I, by Animals Voice
The online book will present you in 200 pages the pain of the animals you never know it could happen. I talk about the benefits for having pets, the [...]
Common Christian Teachings Compared With A Course in Miracles Teachings, by A. Steinle
This book is an attempt to show the similarities and, more importantly, the differences between common Christian teachings and A Course in Miracles [...]
Man, Women and Ghosts, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward, born Mary Gray Phelps, (August 31, 1844 – January 28, 1911) was an American author and an early advocate of clothing [...]
Bozo and the Storyteller, by Tom Glaister
Imagine our world was nothing more than a Story – you, the room you’re in and everyone on the entire planet are just figments in the [...]
Philip’s Atlas of World History, by Institute of Historical Research, University of Lo
Since it is the start of the third millennium, the University of London saw it fit to produce a new atlas of world history.
El Manuscrito de Mi Madre Aumentado con los Comentarios, Prólogo y Epílogo, by Alphonse de Lamartine
Por medio de libro electrónico gratis, aquí se le ofrece la obra literaria, El Manuscrito de Me Madre, escrita por el escritor, poeta, y [...]
Harubeyu and Tsurashi, by Harvey Watson
Harubeyu is a strange young boy, he has always felt left out. Just when he feels at his lowest he meets someone just like him.
Nature Abhors a Vacuum, by Stephen L. Nowland
For Aiden Wainwright, a short trip to the nearby town of Bracksford was supposed to be an opportunity for continuing his research into the arcane. But [...]
Agartha’s Castaway, by Chrissy Peebles
Genres for this novelette series: fantasy/young adult/adventure/sci-fi. See the book trailer below for “The Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette [...]
Ciencia Social en Costa Rica, by Ivan Molina
Experiencias de vida e investigación Los cuatro ensayos que conforman este libro exploran los vínculos entre Costa Rica y los otros [...]
Illusions & Reality, by J. W. Coffey
One of them is dying, and wants to say goodbye first. A man returns from a long absence and his explanation is not what the lady expects to hear. The [...]
Using Technology to Understand Cellular and Molecular Biology, by National Institute of Health.
Connect how advanced scientific discovery enabled by technology enhances human health and quality of life.
Death in the Family, by Carolyn Smith
“Death in the family, it really is a tragedy.” James, a 13 year old boy discovers his Nana’s will when exploring the house one day. He [...]
El Manco de Lepanto–Episodio de la Vida del Príncipe de los Ingenios, Miguel de Cervantes-Saavedra, by Manuel Fernández y González
Por medio de este libro electrónico gratis, usted tendrá la oportunidad de tomar un viaje a España, y al Siglo Diez y Seis, donde se [...]
Mutual Funds: A Guide for Investors, by Securities and Exchange Commission.
What they are, how to compare them, what to consider before investing, and how to avoid common pitfalls.
The Forbidden Gospels and Epistles, Complete, by Archbishop Wake
The suppressed gospels and epistles of the original New Testament of Jesus Christ and other portions of the ancient holy scriptures.
The Anglo Saxon Century, by John Dos Passos
A gripping read about the unification of Anglo emirs in the 20th century by renowned writer.