The Vagaries of human destiny, by Shri Hotchand Somomal Gurbani, M.A. B.Ed


About the Author
The author was born in a small village Tunia near Kandiaro in Sindh (now in Pakistan) on 30th October’1934. His father Shri Somomal was a successful businessman in Karachi where he was studying in VII standard in 1947. The partition of the country brought about disastrous consequences for his family turning it from riches to rags in the riots on 06th January’1948. From getting a liberal pocket money the author had to put in hard work for 12 hours a day to earn half a rupee in India after partition and subsequent migration. The result was that – The author couldn’t join any school or college in India. He passed all examinations from Matric to M.A. privately and became a teacher in 1954 in Nagpur. He rose from ranks and retired in 1992 as the Principal of the Hi…