The Night the Llama Saved Christmas, by David Wing


When Santa’s reindeer fall foul of the common cold, it’s down to Blitzen to take a rag tag bunch of Llamas and whip them into shape to save Christmas for all the boys and girls of the world.
The Day The Llamas Saved Christmas is a seasonal tale following the unexpected occurrence of an outbreak of the common cold in the North Pole and the resulting lack of reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh one Christmas.
Beginning with an Elf, barging into Santa’s office- most perturbed and informing Santa that the vast majority of his team are laid low with the sniffles, Santa rushes to his friend’s sides, only to hear sneezing and coughing, resulting in the drafting of a substitute reindeer- Gerald (an over-eager youngster) to replace the stalwart Dasher and the rest of the ‘deer having to make do and try their hardest to make the entire journey around the world in one night.