The Devil, by Samantha Nicole


Cassandra Weston was your average girl, for the most part that was. She grew up with her two sisters Kelsey and Rebecca. Being the middle child, Cassandra would always act out to get attention even if it was a bad kind. She loved the thrill she got when it came to being a rebel. However, due to Kelsey’s job the sisters were always moving from place to place. There next stop was hopefully there last, for Cassandra’s hope that was.
Moving to Connecticut, seemed very boring to Cassandra. At least that was what she first thought when she was told about the place. A small town with only one high school. Seemed like your average boring education place if you would have asked her. Little did she know that when she got there she’d come into contact with someone more dangerous than anyone in the world.
Torment, Lust, Hate, Anger anything bad was being of him. Who was he? That’s what Cassandra would always ask herself. Everyone had different names for the mysterious brown haired boy with…