Sacred Memories, The Folk of Yore, by Aurial of Darluse Wood


The Society of Folk, mystical Beings of Light from the 11th dimension, chose Aurial of Darluse Wood, a humble parchment maker in 7th century England, to visit their realm, pervaded with Pure Love. Aurial chronicles the wonders he experienced there and includes a message for Earth’s future, our present day, about the potential for cataclysm and also Great Transformation. He warns that for mankind to survive, Love must survive in a world blind to its own suffering. Aurial sees the planet beset by the ignorance of her rude guests, flirting with killing our own environment. How will we respond? Will we outstay our welcome, push our planet too far? Will we enter into a feverish battle with Earth for survival, or experience a Great Shift in consciousness? The answers are within you.