Mean Streets – Life in the Apartheid Police (Book 2 The Mean Streets), by Jacobus Kotze


Mean Streets offers a rare glimpse of life in the Apartheid Police in the five years before Mr Nelson Mandela was released after 27 years in jail in South Africa.
The Apartheid Police was one of the most feared Police Forces in the world during the time of this book and kept law & order through the barrel of a gun. It is not your normal “troepie” book and tells the story of a young street cop finding his way on the mean streets dealing with violent crime, intense political uprising and a vicious counter-insurgency war. This was a world in which no outsiders were allowed and few wrote about afterwards.
Mean Streets is autobiographical and based on facts. It is not fiction and not for everyone to enjoy and aimed at a very specific genre of readers. A book which will shock some by its contents which are indeed unforgiving. This, the Second (and last) book of the series, deals specifically with his time policing the mean streets of South Africa during the late 1980’s.