Insights Into Karma: The Law of Cause and Effect, by Alexander Peck


This book is about karma – the timeless and universal law of cause and effect, expressed in the words “what we sow, we reap”. Four basic aspects of this law are covered: we reap what we sow; we reap far more than we sow; we don’t reap if we don’t sow; and, we reap both now and later. Karma remains a deep and profound principle of life, and not all its workings can be precisely explained. The purpose of this book is to present a clear description of karma, as much as is possible, and to show how awareness of karma can remarkably benefit our lives. Karma – our actions and their results (fruits) – governs our present reality, determines our future, and explains some of our past. Understanding and applying the law of karma allows us to better navigate through the life we h…