How a Good Person can Really Win, by Pavan Choudary


Real-world research shows that the good person (for whom ends as well as means matter) often loses to the immoral man (for whom only ends are important). Three main reasons the good person loses: Reason 1: He cannot comprehend how the immoral man thinks works nor can he grasp his moves. Reason 2: He lacks battle skills and doesn’t know how to fight back. Reason 3: He does not know how to strengthen his position through his virtues. He is often egoistic about his honesty. Whereas the immoral man subjugates his ego to his greed, trades favours and teams up with others. The image obsessed moral man, having little to share ends up fighting alone. Solution: This book trains the moral man to comprehend evil moves, to execute powerful antidotes, to convert his virtues in to competitive tools, to build powerful collaborations with men like himself and win decisively. Free of platitudes and unproven recommendations the book is backed by extensive research and can lead men to victory in the real world. It has relevance to all walks of life.
Pavan Choudary is the author of path breaking books like Broom & Groom (co-author Kiran Bedi), A Trilogy of Wi…