Guardian Core Chronicles, by Michael Youngblood


This is a the first story in the series. Check out my other stories. Before reading this story please see warning at bottom of this description. It is appropriate for young teen and up.This is a fun science fiction adventure seen through the eyes of a common man given great powers. It combines sci-fi, fantasy, and action adventure. The reader embarks on a space fairing battle of good verses evil. The reader meets super heros and aliens alike. Check all the Guardian core chronicle stories. Time after time, homeworld. The reckoning, the great divide, death becomes me, and Timescape. There are more to come Please leave a review. [email protected] Warning: Although this is a great read for people with ADD, it can cause people with OCD to have fits. This story has not yet been professionally edited so people with extreme OCD have been warned. PS.These stories are bring professionally edited at this time. They will be up loaded as soon as they are ready. Thanks for your patience.