Gabriel (The Innerworld Affairs Series, Book 4)


Marilyn Campbell

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When a dying time-traveler arrives in Innerworld to warn Shara Locke of a coming disaster, she is convinced that if she goes back far enough in time, she can prevent the catastrophe and clear up a personal dilemma in her ancestry.

Then Gabriel Drumayne, a Noronian historian, discovers Shara’s plans and threatens to expose her unless she takes him along. Gabriel’s agenda: stop Shara.

But the device is faulty, each time-hop rapidly disintegrating Innerworld and its people, while igniting the Noronian mating fever in Gabriel and Shara, bonding them as soul-mates.

When the pair finally return, nothing is as it was. The only solution: erase all memory of their journey including information gathered to prevent the coming disaster… and their love.

Previously titled: Stolen Dreams


“Compelling. Irresistible. Imaginative… passion of searing intensity.” ~Romantic Times

“Marilyn Campbell has another winner! Futuristic romance at its best.” ~Johanna Lindsey, New York Times bestselling author of Let Love Find You

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