Collecting Louis Vuitton Luxury Luggage, by Paul Pluta


Nothing says class more than quality luxury luggage. Louis Vuitton famously ran the advertising byline, “Show me your luggage, and I’ll tell you who you are.” In this modern age of mass production, there are only two brands that tick the box in my book. Those two brands are Louis Vuitton and Goyard. Both brands are French and were founded at approximately the same time (Goyard in 1853; and Louis Vuitton in 1854). The best pieces to own are the hard-sided trunks and suitcases. Those items are made by skilled artisans the old-fashioned way, much the same way as originally intended. Trunks are the large boxes used for sea voyages and months away from home, and today are used mainly for ornamental purposes. Download this FREE e-Book , and learn more about this topic today!